Waterbase UV varnish

The products are used in on-line UV coating, off-line UV-coating and spot UV-coating. According to operation machine or methods, they are divided into printing WB varnish, offline WB varnish, printing primer and offline primer etc.

According to characters or purpose, there are gloss varnish, matt varnish, blister varnish, polish varnish, polish blister varnish, hot stamping varnish, beer box varnish, playing cards varnish, pre-printing varnish, hand feeling varnish, imitation matt adhesive varnish, score crack resistance pre-coat, general UV primer and so on.

main operation parameters

Coating weight: 3-5 g/m2

l    drying method: infrared drying  

l Operation methods: off-line UV-coating, on-line UV coating and spot UV-coating.

l Reducer: This product is usually used directly, if the viscosity is high, water or the mixture solvent (water: IPA =1:1) can be added into water-based varnish, the total content should be less than 10%.


4.1 General water-based varnish

4.2 Score crack resistance water-based varnish

4.3 Special water-based varnish

  4.3.1 Anti-slippery water-based varnish

    4.3.2 Playing card water-based varnish

    4.3.3 Pre-printing water-based varnish

    4.3.4 Hot stamping water-based varnish


4.4 Water-based polished/blister varnish


4.5 UV primer

    4.5.1 Online primer

    4.5.2 Offline primer



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